Friday, May 3, 2013

Get Excited

Buenas!!!  I hope you're all doing well and, er, weathering the fantastic meteorological conditions back home (for those of you in MN, anyway).  I'd love to brag that it's sunny and beautiful here in Bogota but, alas, it's been chilly (not going to even dare say cold) and rainy these last few days weeks.  We get sporadic sunshine from time to time though, so there's that.

So now that I'm done with my Spanish classes I'm searching for work like a mad woman.  I forgot how fun and exciting it is to fill my days with job searches and sending mass "HIRE ME PLEASE!!!!" emails.  I've been having dreams (ahem, nightmares) that I'm back home with no job and desperately trying to get back to Colombia.  It's slightly frightening that I have less than 1 month left here on my tourist visa to find a job.  But I am staying positive, hopeful that I'll find something.  Luckily, Camilo, his friends and family are being extremely supportive and helpful in this search.  I have plenty of contacts I'm being put in touch with, and I remain optimistic in my pursuit.  (Update, since I started writing this a while back: I may have some good news soon.  I won't say what this good news is until  it actually becomes factual news, so just keep your fingers crossed for me, k?)

On a similar note, I have been giving some private English lessons and am loving it!  I'm working with adults and children, at different levels of English, and it's pretty exciting stuff.  I even got to be artsy and make some flash cards, which despite some teasing from Camilo, have come in handy.  It's putting some pocket (okay, beer) money in my hands and it's a great experience.

I have to say I am extremely giddy, excited and full of euphoria for my visit home.  LESS THAN ONE MONTH PEOPLE!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am going to bear hug every single one of you and consume copious amounts of wine and food.  Also bloody maries.  I am going to soak up the sun (assuming all of the snow is melted, ha) and immensely enjoy the company of my friends and family.  I love it here, don't get me wrong, but I miss my peeps.  And I can't wait for future visits from some of you, so I can share this country that I've grown so fond of.  In fact I 100% guarantee you will fall in love with Colombia.  I know I complain about the rain sometimes but I seriously love it's actually starting to feel like home now.

Okay I'll shut up about Colombia for a moment and get back to my visit home.  Here are some plans that I hope some of you will accompany me on:

1. I want to be on a boat in the middle of a lake with a PBR in my hand.  Preferably on a sunny day.  And this can include fishing gear because I miss fishing.  I am okay with this happening every single day I'm there, so plenty of opportunity to partake in this with me.

2. I also want to go canoing (spell check doesn't think this is a word but spell check is obviously not from MN).  Anybody have one?  Otherwise I will rent one.  I super miss canoing.  A lot.

3.  I want to drink bloody maries at Grumpy's.  And eat some of their healthy snacks, like deep fried mac n cheese and the Elvis burger.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.

4. I also want to consume a few jucy lucies.  I realize I am going to have to exercise quite a bit during my visit but to hell with it, I miss me a good jucy lucy.

5. More food.

6. BBQs, and plenty of them.  If you have a deck, I will be there.

7. I want to watch my dad's band, Bad Bacon, perform many shows.  Dad and Chris, this means you guys have to plan a bunch of shows during June and July, k?  Okay.

8. I want to play with all of my nieces and nephews and feed them ice cream and sugary snacks and listen to their stories and snuggle up with them by a campfire.

9. I want to cuddle with my cat.  I don't need any of you to be there when I do this.  I am going to snorgle him and annoy the hell out of him, but he's going to love every damn minute of it.  Guapo, I hope you are as excited to see me as I am to see you!!

10.  While in Bemidji, I want to eat every single thing on the menu at Tutto Bene.  Not in one sitting.  I have a little over a month to accomplish this.  It can be done.

11. Campfires.  S'mores.  Beer.  Stargazing.  Perhaps the Aurora Borealis will put on a show.  Mosquito repellent.  Campy ghost stories.  You know the drill.

12. Sparklers, since I'll be there for the 4th.  I may need supervision because I will probably be drunk.

13.  Four Wheeling.  Wheeeee!!

14.  If you have a puppy, I will take it on walks for you while you're at work.  If you don't have a puppy, please buy one so I can do this for you.

15.  Camping.  Be it at a cabin or in a tent.  I want to go camping.

Okay well I think that's a good start.  Hope you can join me :)

And now, the picture part:

Camilo is such a sweet tio :)

 With his Abuelita y Sobrina

The ridiculously adorable nephew


On the plus side, when it rains, CicloVia is rather empty


One proud uncle :) 

That's it!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Love xoxoxoxoxo


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