Tuesday, April 9, 2013

From Colombia, With Love

I've got a lot of love in me.  And what with all these happiness feelies I've been having lately, I've been thinking a lot about the people, places and things I love.  And now I'm going to share it with you all:

I love cats.  Especially my cat Guapo.  Also puppies.  Animals in general.  Well, cute ones that have fur.  I also really really love horses and hope I own one someday.  I've been throwing all sorts of hints at Camilo about getting some sort of animal ahem, puppy, but he has to be all logical and reasonable and so, here I am, puppy-less.  But he's right.  If we had a puppy, we couldn't travel as much and would have to pile on more responsibility.

"But I just love them all!!"  This response is getting me nowhere.

One day when I left class I noticed a puppy on the sidewalk.  I'm talking just-weened-off-his-mother puppy.  His owner was just standing there blabbing on his phone and not paying any attention to the poor thing.  I wanted to go and play with it SO bad.  Instead I just stood across the street, staring at it and quietly squeeing.  For about 10 solid minutes.  I'm not even joking.

So yeah, I love all things furry.  Especially if it involves a room full of kittens with a live webcam feed.

I love food.  That's really all I have to say about that.  Though I will take this moment to give a shout out to my sister and her boyfriend's restaurant, Tutto Bene.  If you're ever in Bemidji, you need to go there.  They have PBR on tap and make a killer bloody mary.  And, of course, the food is omnomnomamazing.  I'm not just saying that because I'm her sister, either.  It's true.  Just ask my dad.

I love Colombia.  Colombia is - how to say it - AMAZING.  Beautiful.  Breathtaking.  I just can't stand it!!!  I've been lucky enough to do a fair bit of traveling here - mostly by way of road trips - and seriously guys, it's the most beautiful country I have ever been to.  It's so diverse.  I can drive just a few hours from La Nevera (Bogota - "The Fridge") to hot, tropical weather.  I can buy fruit on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.  I can see and smell flowers all year long.  Also, there is no snow.

It's a colorful country filled with colorful people.  Warm, kind, happy people.  People who will greet you on the sidewalk as you're walking to class and let you pet their dog.  People who will always offer a smile and who will always make you feel at home in their country.  It's a beautiful, beautiful place.  You should drop by sometime.

I love mis padres.  My parents just celebrated their 41 year anniversary.  That's a lot of years.  They raised 5 kids and have 17 grandchildren and three dogs and are currently taking care of my cat, Guapo (for which I am truly, utterly thankful).  They are the coolest parents EVER.  Here's why:

My dad.  He's in a band, Bad Bacon, and they're pretty awesome, IMHO.  He's the most laid back, easy going, hip man you will ever meet.  He can cook a damn fine meal, taught me to appreciate wine, and makes the best bleu cheese dip IN THE WORLD.  He taught me how to tie on a fishing lure (and how to catch a fish.)  He taught me patience and kindness.  He taught me to take a stand for what I believe in.  He's the tops.

My mother.  My beautiful, eccentric, kick-ass mother.  She's one of my best friends (so are you dad!) and for all the eye rolling I may have done as a kid, she's the coolest mom ever.  Right now she's getting back into writing movie scripts and dabbling in production.  Which I think is amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if she wins Sundance some day (it could happen!)   She taught me to love myself - to know my worth and to appreciate all I have in life.  She taught me to be strong.  I learned at a very young age that if anyone ever tries to attack me or kidnap me, to gouge their eyes out with my fingernails and fight for my life.  It sounds gruesome, yeah, but seriously, if anyone every tries to mess with me, they're in for a shock.  I'm fairly certain I inherited my love of travel from her.  And my love of a good crime story.

My parents should win an award for awesomeness.  I love you guys!!!  A LOT!!!

I love my siblings.  I love that each one of them is doing their thing, living their life, making their own way.  I love that my brothers all have wonderful families with beautiful children.  They're happy and they work hard and they enjoy what life brings them.  My sister is making her dream happen - she owns a restaurant now (as previously mentioned) and I am so SO proud of her and everything she's accomplished.  She worked her ass of to get where she is, and I have nothing but respect and love for her.  She's fierce and strong and has a beautiful soul.

Siblings, if you are reading this, TE AMO MAS QUE PALABRAS.  I carry you all with me every day and, whether you know it or not, you've helped me through so much in life.  You each inspire me and move me to be the best I can be, and I'm so thankful to have each of you.  

I luuuuuurve my friends.  You know who you are, sillies.  I'm glad I have a unique friendship with each and every one of you.  Some of us are groups, some of us are pairs, and I wouldn't change a thing about that.  I love our jokes.  Our secrets.  Our confidentiality.  Our laughs.  Our cries.  You have all carried me through some of the most difficult times in my life, and I am so, so grateful to you.  And I will always be here for you when you need a friend.  And I really hope you can all come and visit me in Colombia at some point in the near future :)  I'll make you a smoothie.

I love wine.  There is no shame in this - it's classy.  

Me: "Cami, can you pick up a bottle of wine for dinner?"
Camilo: "Well...how about a few beers?  If we get a bottle of wine we will drink the entire thing, and it's Tuesday."
Me: "Well we don't HAVE to drink it all."
Camilo: "I suppose you're right - you can use it to cook dinner with too."
Me: "Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!"

*Proceed to consume entire bottle of wine.  Only use a tiny amount for steak.

I regret nothing.

I love this guy.  Camilo.  Gahhhhhhhhh!  I love him to the moon.  I love the way he says things like "dierty" and "prijion break" and "squourerel".  I love his confidence and determination.  I love his passion for life and his faithfulness to his friends and family.  I love that he's intelligent and silly.  That he's the best travel partner I've ever had and when we go places it's just us and no one else, even if we're in the middle of Times Square.  I love his "vintage" jean jacket and that he insists on wearing things that he wore when he was 15.  I love that he can dance and that he eats the food I cook.  And I love that he calls Sriracha and other such sauces "The Spicy".  Also, he'll wash all the silverware so that I don't have to, because he knows how much I hate washing silverware.  That's love, people.  That's love.

I love photography.  !!!  I'm going to end this post here because it makes a nice flow into the photo segment and if I keep going on about the things I love in life I'm going to take all night.  So enjoy these photos from our trip to Medellin.  I have way too many to post so I'll just start with this portion and add more later, ok?  

Love you all!!

xoxo Mahli

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  1. This post made me laugh, especially the part where you wrote a couple of examples of how Camilo says certain words - LOVE it! Also, I feel the same way about wine. Also also, such gorgeous photos (as always)! Did I spot a tilt-shift in there? =]